Gestational diabetes

December 4th, 2012 by shaoling
11/26(Monday) a doc said that I got gestational diabetes >< So I have to control what i eat now write down the list and blood sugar level hope i will be fine after delivery 🙂

It’s baby BOY!!

September 27th, 2012 by shaoling
This Monday (9/24) we had appointment for full body ultrasound to find out the baby's gender Coy was hold my hand while A lady checking for me i can tell that he was SO HAPPY ,since he smiling all the time :)) Of course for me too it's always excited to see baby growing up so fast we saw his heartbeat ,and bones ,legs ,arms ,hands and he was active every time see him ,moved n kicked all around i finally can feel him now (In fact,I felt couple days ago, just wasn't sure it's the baby or not util watching ultrasound screen )  it's amazing    

Two years together

September 22nd, 2012 by Coy
Two years Shaoling and I have been married now. God has blessed me greatly to have her as a wife. Last weekend we went to the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast in Brownwood, Texas to celebrate. Shaoling found the place because Aunt Kamber had "liked" it on Facebook. It was a nice relaxing place to stay. Neither one of us had ever been to a Bed & Breakfast before. We stayed in the Wildrose cottage (if I remember the name correctly). The room had a journal that we could write in about our stay or whatever else we felt like. We scanned through the entries and found Kelvin and Kamber's last journal entry from June. One of the extra packages we picked up when booking the room was a canoe trip in the river.  It was the first time either of us had been in a canoe, and it showed.  It took me awhile to get it straight in my head which direction to push the oar to do a quick turn.  I don't think Shaoling ever really figured it out.  Half of the time she was padding in entirely he wrong direction.  We had fun riding around in the boat and taking pictures.  We never flipped the canoe over which is something I was afraid might happen.  It's a good thing too, because Shaoling would have to quickly learn how to swim!  Though to be honest we probably could have walked on the bottom of the "river" and still have our head above water in most places.  We spent about 2 hours rowing around and then called Don (from the B&B) to let him know he could pick up the canoe. We both really enjoyed our short vacation. Today Shaoling and I did some house shopping. We looked at four different house models to be built. Since our baby is due on February 10th I want to try to start moving into a new house before the end of the year.  All the houses we looked at were 4 bedroom places. The first place we looked at was just a two story house just over $200,000, both of us really liked that one.  It had a master bedroom downstairs, 3 bedrooms upstairs, a large kitchen, 3 and half bathrooms, breakfast are, dining room, living room, and a patio with an outdoor grill attached to the gas line and a sink.  Then we looked at a one-story house right next to it. It also had 4 bedrooms but felt a bit more cramped. Next we went to a little more expensive neighborhood. We first looked at a $250,000 one-story house.  I really liked it, and they said they could also turn it into a 1.5 story house with a game-room upstairs.  I thought the kitchen was a bit strange, but Shaoling loved it.  It had two islands in it, one had a sink and dishwasher, the other had a bar on one side.  It was very roomy, and without the game room above it, the ceiling was very high. All of the houses we had looked at up to this point were being built by a company called Plantation Homes. The last sales consultant we spoke with said that one thing that set them apart from other builders is that they are more willing to work with the home-buyers in customizing the blueprint. Finally, we looked at one more house in the same area. It was built by Meritage Homes.  She showed us a nearly $300,000 two-story house that was about to close. I think it was too big, and I didn't really like how open it was from the first to second level.  It seems like it could be dangerous with small kids. It had 4 bedrooms, a game room, and a media room.  I thought that would classify the home as a 6-bedroom, but I guess that the extra rooms don't count as bedrooms.  It was a very nice house but I just don't know what we would do with all that space. But now that I think of it, this was the only house we looked at that was completely empty, the others had sample furniture in it.  That might have affected our opinion of it.  The sales consultant gave us a couple more floor-plans to look at. She told us what makes their homes unique is the "energy efficiency", and had me feel how the double-pane glass keeps unwanted heat out, and showed us the special (?) foam insulation that they use. Overall, the two we liked the best was the very first house we looked at, and the second one-story house.  When we go looking again I would like to see a 1.5 story model of the latter.  

Howdy :)

August 10th, 2012 by shaoling
hello everyone I haven't update blog for a while Last Saturday ,Coy and I met my junior high school friend and her boyfriend she just landed here one week ago ,will start her MBA soon it was nice to see her again since we haven't see each other over 10 years and I've join the gym with Coy since last Sunday he always started two weeks ago before me. since he came home late,and went to the gym after small meal so I decided to go to the gym with him 🙂 I like it so far    

Update !

March 12th, 2012 by shaoling
Howdy, I haven't update any news for a while I have English class level test next Monday I will attend some English class in April 🙂 so excited Hopefully my husband will settle down his old pickup before my school starting 🙂  

Five months

November 4th, 2011 by shaoling
十月是我在美國的第五個月 在這之中有兩件事讓我覺得開心 及放心 第一件事: 我考到駕照 9月時我先去百利駕訓班考 筆試,他們有老師先教你幾個小時後 ,馬上考筆試 ,而且必過的 可以翻書考試 (好像花了60元美金) 但路考又要另外去DPS 預約考路考 預約就要等個4小時, 真是折騰人 又要等一個月才人路考 呼 美國人的辦事效率很差 第二件事: 我拿到了居留證 也就是綠卡 🙂 (本來該七月初就該拿到,但因為寄丟了 ,搞烏龍到十月底才拿到 ) 10/8 跟幾個台灣朋友聚會 大家準備一道菜去Ellen家吃 我準備炒米粉 10/11  通過路考 10/15 pumpkin patch 去挑南瓜  玉米田迷宮 雖然很有趣 但明年應該不會再去 因為大部分都是小孩子得遊戲  等下次去應該是帶著小孩一起^^ 10/18 收到駕照 真開心 因為在美國他們看文件 都是看駕照 10/19 和Coy同事一起看" real steel "  Coy的同事有免費券 所以請了很多人去看  也是一部值得看得電影 10/29 去參加文藝復興的節慶 回到家又收到綠卡 ^-^ what a blessed day 10/31 Happy Halloween 第一次感受萬聖節 真的是小朋友的節日 很多小孩來要糖 不給糖 就搗蛋 這天COY特地早下班 一回來 我們就另刻南瓜燈 放在家前 裝飾 還有把蜘蛛也放在家前 跟門放了骷顱頭 的門廉 歡迎小孩來要糖 當晚 大概三十幾個小朋友來 我們也有打扮 COY打扮成猴子 我打扮牛角 和神秘眼罩 哈 真的還蠻有趣的   P.S 百利駕駛學校 10600 BELLAIRE BLVD.   HOUSTON, TX   77072   832-633-5555    

Four months 四個月

October 7th, 2011 by shaoling
已經在美國四個月了 發生了很多事 9/5 (一) 是美國勞動節 ;連續假期我們就回公婆家 9/2 (五) Coy四點多就到家了 準備一下 買個晚餐備著 五點多就上高速公路 因為胎壓有問題 我們開了超過12小時 一直不間段的停在加油站找輪胎補氣 四 五點才到公婆家 周六下午也沒去修輪胎 晚上到他阿姨家作客 周日婆婆給我們大驚喜 她邀請了外公外婆 祖母 兩位阿姨 及 三位舅舅 來幫我們提早慶祝結婚一周年大概25 ~30位 整個布置都是中國風 德州風 連食物也是喔 真的很感動 9/9 下午先生請假陪我去婦科 因為女人每個月該來的 好幾個月沒來了 ,因為還在適應環境 整個體質整個大亂 我們去距離katy 30分鐘路程的sugar land 看 ,是女醫生 又加上她是台灣人  最重要是先生保險公司這家有包含 (Dr. Lisa Tasi ,sugar land ) 領處方籤後 要去家附近的藥局領藥 我們去walgreens 人很多 還站了一會 等道我們居然說三小時後再去拿藥 天阿 心想  美國真不方便 還是台灣好 小雖小 但做什麼是都很方便 也講求效率 嗚嗚 這也是Coy第一次拿藥 所以他看我這麼無奈 也說台灣真的很方便   9/16  下午 先生又陪我去了DPS 預約路考 抽號碼牌 整整等了四個鐘頭  結果路考安排一個月後  10/11真的很佩服美國人辦事效率 =.="   9/16晚上我們開車道San Antonio 在附近住motel 6 (以後不會再去了 品質很差 也沒有洗髮精 害我整個不舒服) 9/17. 9/18  Celebrated our first annvirsary 🙂 住在不錯的飯店 (Drury Plaza hotel riverwalk san Antonio) 去看鐘乳石 野生動物 和美國塔 晚上就都待在river walk周圍 隔天我們去看alamo 後 ,就回到家 發現冰箱壞了 想說在看看過幾天會不會又好 後來隔了兩天 不行了 一定要跟店家說 後來我們跟維修人員講一講 他說應該是 freon leak 說照理說只用了20幾天就壞掉 乾脆跟店家換一台新的 後來當天晚上我們就趕著去店家問 也是在那一個小時 說電腦壞掉  再回我們電話之類 到家後不到半小時 接到電話說安排24日周六  (說也奇怪,那天先生把冷氣店源關了,到了周日又開了,冰箱又恢復正常,但還是換一台新的比較保險) 本來安排24 日會來 結果早上突然送貨的先生打來說 best buy沒有拖運到倉庫之類 所以今天不能送 要改 到 下周二 真的搞烏龍又火大 我叫Coy打去問問 順便罵他們 但先生人很好 都不罵人 哈 店家也沒道歉 真的又夠爛 以後不去worse buy買東西了 只能認命等到周二囉 這就是我九月發生的事情       9/30 做抹片檢查 (上次去婦科 ,醫生就說要來抹片檢查,後來那天我們就預約九月底) 這項檢查因為先生的保險cover, 所以免費  :)後來10點就回到家  先生陪我吃完午餐才去上班    

Almost a year

August 27th, 2011 by Coy
The past year has gone by so quickly, and I haven't made a post on this blog all that time. I've just been letting my wife keep the site updated since we got married. I didn't even write a post about my own wedding, or upload any of the pictures. I'm sure you've all read my wife's post about it already though, so I won't bore you too much. I will try to upload some pictures though. Shaoling looked beautiful and I had such a big smile on my face that my cheeks were sore for days after the wedding. Despite the typhoon (the only one that hit Taiwan the whole year), we had many friends and family come. I even had 10 people from my family who traveled all the way from New Mexico and Texas for the occasion. I'm still amazed so many were able to make it. At first we were planning to have a second wedding ceremony or reception in the US but we decided against it later. We'd already been married for 9 months when we moved back to the US, and if we had a second ceremony, we'd have to try to get Shaoling's family over here too which is even more difficult to arrange due to the need for visas. I hope they'll be able to visit us sometime though. All of our friends are free to visit us here in Katy anytime though. We should be getting our sofa and loveseat delivered soon, but until then we have some uncomfortable wooden chairs. If you need our address/phone number just shoot one of us an email. I've gone back to working at my former company in Houston. This time I had a new project to work on as soon as I arrived, and I'm really enjoying it so far. We've been attending Chinese Baptist Church and we both like it. It has both English and Chinese worship services/Sunday School. We're not sure what we want to do just yet, but I think we'll start splitting up and going to different services/classes most days. I really hope Shaoling is able to make new friends here quickly. In Taiwan, she loved going out and doing things with her friends. I'm afraid she'll be bored here during the day. I'll have to bring my pickup here from Clovis sometime so that we'll have two vehicles to use. It doesn't matter so much right now, because Shaoling doesn't have a driver's license yet. I'll have to go through all the hassle of renewing the expired registration though. I think I'll just rent one of those tow dollies from U-Haul the next time we drive to my parent's home. Well I guess I should hit the hay. It's getting late and want to mow the lawn in the morning before it gets to hot. It's supposed to get up to 107 tomorrow! Goodnight everyone.

In the US for 3 months

August 26th, 2011 by shaoling
Today is 2011.08.26 we've been in the US for almost 3 months. 5/31 ~6.13 road trip Then we stayed at my husband's family's home. 7/21: Signed the lease agreement with our landlord. Later we went to katy furniture and bought some furniture. We bought a sofa, a "coffee table" (sofa table), a queen size bed, and a dresser set. We had to special order the sofa. (We wanted a different color than they had in stock) 7/29(Friday)In the morning we left to move to Katy,TX 7/30 Midnight(Saturday)We arrived at our new home and unloaded our things from the trailer. It was hard work and we were covered in sweat when we finished. Later we took cold showers and slept on an air mattress. I didn't sleep very well, but Coy fell asleep and was snoring within minutes. hehe. We got after 7 and returned the trailer. Afterwards we went to Walmart. We ate at a McDonald's inside.(I prefer Taiwan McDonald's breakfast better)After we finished eating, we shopped in Walmart for everyday household items like towels, shower curtains, soap, shampoo... etc. We spent lots of money. We also went to best buy, and bought a refrigerator, washer, and dryer(we wanted a front loading washer)We found a nice refrigerator with an ice maker for only $630 but the bad thing was it was on back order and we have to wait 4 weeks. So we also bought a small fridge for the meantime(for around $200) On Sunday morning we went to church. We ate lunch at the church too. (They offer free lunch to first time visitors)After we finished eating we left and went straight home because my husband's parents were coming (It takes about 12 hours to drive)  They will be celebrating their 30th anniversary here. After we got home, we went out again to buy some things, small snacks, sodas, and milk. Then I took a nap for 1-2 hours. Then we made the bed in the guest room, and hung up the shower curtains. My husband's parents arrived around 9. We went outside to welcome them, then Coy showed them around our house. Everybody thought it looked nice By the way, the back yard is very big. The master bedroom is also very nice. We sat and chatted until midnight. Everybody was very tired and so we went to sleep. The next day, COYwoke up very early and made some coffee for his father. I woke up at 8. After noon our washer and dryer was delivered. Around 2PM the electric company cut off power to our house. Our power was supposed to turn on August 1st. [The same day] The four of sat in the living room and it got very hot. My mother-in-law called her older brother who lives about half an hour away, and asked him if he wanted us to bring him some food. We met him at a Mexican food restaurant. It was a high-class restaurant, and the food was very good. After lunch we went to Coy's uncle's house, we left a couple of hours later. My husband's parents went to a movie, and later to a hotel to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They came back to our home around 11 the next day, and they brought us very sweet donuts. Afterwards we talked, and my mother in law used her iPad, because we still didn't have cable tv, so it was a bit boring. A little after 2, the men went to SONIC because drinks were half price. Then around 5, we went to eat supper. Coy said there was a good place to eat nearby called "Souper Salad", but I don't like salad! But they wanted to eat there, so I said it was ok too. The salad was very bad, the hot food didn't taste good either, and neither did the bread. I refuse to go there again. After lunch we walked over to Joann's arts and crafts store. When we got there my mother-in-law said she wanted to teach me how to cross-stitch. We bought a beginner's cross-stitch kit. I kind of liked it. It's easy to spend a lot of time on it, but I couldn't learn how to do a French knot. I got it easily later by watching some videos. Later the men went to Blockbuster to rent DVDs. Us ladies stayed home doing cross-stich (my mother-in-law was very patient in teaching me). Afterwards I was actually very tired, but my mother-in-law, still had energy, so I kept doing cross-stitch. At midnight the men went to bed, Coy had to start work the next day. I kept learning how to do a French knot. After I kind of got it my mother-in-law also went to bed. The next morning, Coy went to work, and my parents-in-law prepared to return to New Mexico. Then I was all alone in the house, with only our three cats. 🙁 I really wasn't used to it the first day. My mother-in-law has sent me text messages every day since then to check on me. Now we are good friends who chat in text messages. I've also now completed my first cross-stitch art, and bought two more since then. One is a birthday card, and I finished it yesterday. The other is a pair of chickens, I'll start it next time I'm in the mood. We've lived here for over four weeks now. I've gone out walking by myself three times. It's really very hot in the daytime. Each time I go out for a walk I come back very sweaty. Each time I go out my first stop is at Sonic and I buy a cherry limeade. It's really good and at half price it's only one dollar. And then I walk to Kroger's supermarket by myself to buy food to cook. Yesterday, August 25th, we went to meet two women from Taiwan.(They are my aunt's classmate's friends. My Aunt's classmate didn't go, but she introduced me the Taiwan women who also live in Katy) It was really nice to meet them, although I didn't speak very much. Coy helped me talk to them. Haha. They spoke almost entirely in English, so I couldn't talk with them. Too bad. I also don't speak very much with strangers. But they were very enthusiastic and hoped they can help me. Taiwanese people are very passionate. They were all between 32-35 years old, and they were surprised to learn I'm only 28. They seldom return to Taiwan. They all came here for school and have been in the US for at least ten years. I was very surprised. They said they got used to living in the US after 3 to 5 years. Wow! I will be old then. It might take me even longer than five years. [translated by Coy]

I am in U.S over One month

July 11th, 2011 by shaoling
I can't believe that I am in U.S over a month. Time flies fast... may 31st~13rd,june we had a great road trip from Seattle- Spokane-Bozeman -Yellowstone- Billings ->Miles city-> Sidney->South Dakota-Keystone (Bear country U.S /Rushmore Mt.) -Colorado Spring (Garden of the Gods/pike peak /Royal Gorge) -Albuquerque ,New Mexico- 14th,june Clovis ,New Mexico (U.S parent 's house) First evening at my parents-in-law's home. His sister made supper, and was still making a cake that said "welcome home Coy & Shao ling" on top. I almost cried she is so sweet. We both really liked Yellowstone very much. We would visit there again oneday These days we eat hamburgers and French fries every day. Sometimes I don't eat very much because French fries are so unhealthy. >< I've only made curry chicken once, also Korean KimChi soup. >< I miss Taiwan food ... boo hoo. I look forward to going to Houston, that way I can do the cooking and eat more vegetables. We've done many things since we arrived at my parents-in-law's home. 6/16: Bought a used Nissan XTerra 6/28  got social security number (like Taiwan ID card) 7/3  finally got car license plate Before August I should receive my green card, then I could do some more things I need, like get a Texas driver's license. I mailed 13 packages from Taiwan by sea, and only two more still need to arrive (They should arrive before August) The day after tomorrow we will drive to Houston to find a house to rent. Right now I'm living at my parents-in-law's home. It's boring here, but their land is very large and they have two horses. Too bad they don't have very much grass to eat. I think after my brother-in-law get's married he will build a house out there. 😛 I'll tell you all about Houston when we get there. Right now I don't really like the US that much, because New Mexico is really boring. At least my husband doesn't have to go to work here, otherwise I might have nothing to do. I really miss how convenient things were in Taiwan. Here you can't get anywhere without a car, it's so hot I could die. When I get in a car my head hurts ... boo-hoo. [partially translated by Coy]