We’re in the US :)

June 17th, 2011 by shaoling
5/31: We flew from Taipei to Seattle Then we went on a 13 day road trip. We saw a tornado. We ran into a large grass fire, so a section of I-25 was closed down. We had to take a 2 hour detour to get back on the road to Albuquerque. It was 10PM before we finally arrived. 6/13  10:30AM: His parents arrived at Albuquerque airport to meet us (it's four hours from there to his family's home) At noon we arrived at PEI WEI Chinese restaurant to eat lunch. On the way home we passed through Fort Sumner. We visited his grandparents and we brought a small kitten back with us. At 6 o'clock we arrived at my husband's family's home. That evening I was very homesick. Maybe because we saw all of his family. But his sister was very SWEET. She made a cake that had "welcome home Coy&Shao ling" on top. Really very touching. Yesterday we watched some family home videos of COY. It was really amusing. Actually my stomach started to feel uncomfortable. But I still wanted to watch it. Just ignored the pain. When we finished watching at 9PM I went straight to bed. 6/16: We bought a used NISSAN X terra.It can seat 5 people. It's a lot of space for just the two of us. This Sunday is Father's Day in the US. The 21st is Coy's brother's birthday. So this weekend will be very busy. I will update the blog. (translated by Coy)

Six months annvirsary!

March 29th, 2011 by shaoling
2011.03.19 was our six months anniversary . Time went flies... Saturday we spent day with my mom and my grandmother 's sisters , brothers and generations trip . Went to I-LAN,IT was fun. went to羅東 林業園區 there is beautiful sight, had bunches of tree woods cut from the mountains, floating in the lake . On Sunday, we dated alone,went to bowling ,we both bad score ,but just for fun, after it took ferris wheel at Miramar . Ate Chez Jimmy -- C'est Bon Steak restaurant ,very fancy restaurant . I think it was our last celebration in Taiwan. Anyway,thank you honeybear for everything,I really love you so much ,wish our relationship will last forever and celebrate our anniversaries every year . Your wife- Shao-ling

Countdown to U.S

March 11th, 2011 by shaoling
Everytime  I countdown was for he come visit me but this time is for moving to U.S  Leave my parents ,families ,friends and where I living 27 years in Taiwan I know it will worth to do it for my husband 🙂 so we got one way two of  tickets to Seattle (31st,May) and we'll have road trip visit relatives and some friends

5 months Anniversary

February 22nd, 2011 by shaoling
last Saturday was our 5 months anniversary time goes so fast so we went to Miramar shopping mall Coy bought me a new dresses 😀 he wanted me wear nice dress for interview and I also need a new jeans for new boots 😀 😀 also get a jacket for dress i also bought a new tie and nice hat  for Coy we had a Thai restaurant for dinner we had a great evening! thank you for  everything Happy Anniversary ,Coy <3 <3 <3 Thank you for being nice husband. I love you very much Mwah P.S : I really love shopping with my family and him they would give me suggests 😀

2011 Valentine’s Day

February 22nd, 2011 by shaoling
We got a good news on Valentine's Day we got an email from AIT

Dear Madam: We have scheduled an immigrant visa appointment for you on 23-FEB-2011 at 08:30 a.m.  Please refer to the attached notification and instructions.

What a good Valentine's day

we were nervous and surprised though

it's much faster than we thought

and Coy wasn't prepared his side documents

he thought that he have a month to prepared

but only 9 days

and I also have medical examinations to do before interview

I did on 17th

but the healthy paper can get on 24th which means 1 day after interview

so night time ,we still had a date

we had curry for dinner

and watched movies which called " Tangled "

it was really great ,cute movies

we both really enjoyed and a great evening

after back home

Coy called his TMS boss

asked if he would hire him back

and help him write documents means he is searching job in U.S

Also he called his parent tell them this good news

Everything turning smoothly so far

just waiting our news tomorrow  :))

2011 Happy Chinese New Year!

February 4th, 2011 by shaoling
Happy Chinese New  Year to everybody this  year is rabbit year few months ,we might move back to U.S   :-S this  year is special , since I got married in Sep 2010 and I returned parent's house 31st ,Jan In the morning ,I drove back to Neihu which my parent's house went to washed car store first and went to market with my mom ,bought lots of foods for  Chinese new  year in the afternoon,i picked my dad from  airport 🙂 now is  boring ,Coy have to work during chinese new year so day time is boring for me but tonight we might see a movies together 🙂 and   today  is friday ,he can rest on   weekend and Monday we will start work on Tuesday P.S    We sent 2nd steps documents to AIT before CNY now ,waiting interview notice,wish hear good news soon    🙂

2011.1.12 We sent first documents for immigrant to U.S

January 13th, 2011 by shaoling
We sent first form to AIT today (I-130 & G325aA) it went well with first step A lady officer was nice ,friendly to him told him congratulations married asked him that how long we have been married? how long did he live in Taiwan? and give him an informations what he have to prepare for 2nd step. 1. U.S bank account 2. Any stock or foud in U.S? 3. Quit job in Taiwan 4.  Searching job in U.S 5.  Sale Taiwan house / car? sth like that i think we only can prove some not much since we don't have kids or house in Taiwan hopefully good luck

28th years old Boy!

January 13th, 2011 by shaoling
2011.Jan 8th was Coy's big day AGAIN ,it was my first time celebrated his birthday for him. we having many first time really together since 15th,jan  last year it's much much BETTER for us he told me that every year he have a bacon ham egg on his birthday so before his birthday i got harsh brown potatos and bread and we have ham ,egg and German sauages with coffee he was so happy 😀 😀 after it ,i let him play WoW with his family i told him that he can play it utill 3:30 so i started clean house washed laundry it was really tired after 3:30 we prepared and went to hotspring place since weather is really cold these couple weeks but we got a little lost after 10 mins we found the road but it's around 4:30 or so and have to waiting an hour they have a special price for hotspring with afternoon tea so we choose but afternoon tea deliveryed late  after 5:10 we finally got and it's very healthy one saland ,fruit and one small peice of chocolate cake orange juice oh and waffles yummy  after it we have room for hotspring yay after one hour we drave to steak restaurant it was very fancy one also i got small gifts to him DVD " BEAUTY and the Beast" and cellphone holder Coy enjoyed day with me he really happy today i am so happy  too 😀 😀 😀 ^---^

countdown to NEW YEAR 2011

January 11th, 2011 by shaoling
It's my first time countdown new year with him it's special for me though Also will be 100 years of  Taiwan . Every year he used to spend all night with his families so he got home sick =( and I used to spend time with my friends watched fireworks at Taipei 101 he hate crowded he prefer stay home and play WoW BUT he don't want stay apartment alone  he would rather go to bed if stay home. anyway after fireworks he felt better so he would held my hands 😛 lol and we all felt tired sleepy we had to walked 20 mins to further metro when we back to home already 2 am or 2:30 ? we went to Mcdonald to get ice creams got 1 set meal to Coy after 3 girls shower already 3am  everybody exhausted next day my friends woke up at 10 am i slept utill 11am? so i made ham and quick made hotpot Coy got up very late ( about noon) he wanted to get hopping john foods first we went to market to get pork shoulder meats,onions, potatos I finally made Coy smiled. it made me happy too when we back home,we started cook it and Coy also made corn bread i really liked it very much hopping john got burn somehow but i couldn't smell since i got stuffed nose but everybody smelled burn I liked it though haha I am glad that i finally got some hopping john foods 😉 hopfully good luck in 2011 Happy New Year to everybody 🙂

2010.12.24 25 Our First Christmas !

January 11th, 2011 by shaoling
This is Coy's Momma sent to us how SWEET! 24th no mood to work at all After work,went to R-MART first picked up reservanted turkey and picked up my mom back home for christmas dinner it was our first time tried turkey really delicious very juicy Coy made cookies also taught me how to make casserole No wonder prepared done already late but we had a sweet evening together. Before gone to bed Coy gave me first gift before Santa claus coming 😛 he said he always got new pajamas before Santa coming yay,it's pretty cute pajamas ,thanks honey so i wearing them to bed 😀 next day ,we saw santa socks filling stuffed inside 😀 made me exciting we spent one hour to opened gifts after it , had a toast for  breakfast