Two years together

Two years Shaoling and I have been married now. God has blessed me greatly to have her as a wife. Last weekend we went to the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast in Brownwood, Texas to celebrate. Shaoling found the place because Aunt Kamber had "liked" it on Facebook. It was a nice relaxing place to stay. Neither one of us had ever been to a Bed & Breakfast before. We stayed in the Wildrose cottage (if I remember the name correctly). The room had a journal that we could write in about our stay or whatever else we felt like. We scanned through the entries and found Kelvin and Kamber's last journal entry from June. One of the extra packages we picked up when booking the room was a canoe trip in the river.  It was the first time either of us had been in a canoe, and it showed.  It took me awhile to get it straight in my head which direction to push the oar to do a quick turn.  I don't think Shaoling ever really figured it out.  Half of the time she was padding in entirely he wrong direction.  We had fun riding around in the boat and taking pictures.  We never flipped the canoe over which is something I was afraid might happen.  It's a good thing too, because Shaoling would have to quickly learn how to swim!  Though to be honest we probably could have walked on the bottom of the "river" and still have our head above water in most places.  We spent about 2 hours rowing around and then called Don (from the B&B) to let him know he could pick up the canoe. We both really enjoyed our short vacation. Today Shaoling and I did some house shopping. We looked at four different house models to be built. Since our baby is due on February 10th I want to try to start moving into a new house before the end of the year.  All the houses we looked at were 4 bedroom places. The first place we looked at was just a two story house just over $200,000, both of us really liked that one.  It had a master bedroom downstairs, 3 bedrooms upstairs, a large kitchen, 3 and half bathrooms, breakfast are, dining room, living room, and a patio with an outdoor grill attached to the gas line and a sink.  Then we looked at a one-story house right next to it. It also had 4 bedrooms but felt a bit more cramped. Next we went to a little more expensive neighborhood. We first looked at a $250,000 one-story house.  I really liked it, and they said they could also turn it into a 1.5 story house with a game-room upstairs.  I thought the kitchen was a bit strange, but Shaoling loved it.  It had two islands in it, one had a sink and dishwasher, the other had a bar on one side.  It was very roomy, and without the game room above it, the ceiling was very high. All of the houses we had looked at up to this point were being built by a company called Plantation Homes. The last sales consultant we spoke with said that one thing that set them apart from other builders is that they are more willing to work with the home-buyers in customizing the blueprint. Finally, we looked at one more house in the same area. It was built by Meritage Homes.  She showed us a nearly $300,000 two-story house that was about to close. I think it was too big, and I didn't really like how open it was from the first to second level.  It seems like it could be dangerous with small kids. It had 4 bedrooms, a game room, and a media room.  I thought that would classify the home as a 6-bedroom, but I guess that the extra rooms don't count as bedrooms.  It was a very nice house but I just don't know what we would do with all that space. But now that I think of it, this was the only house we looked at that was completely empty, the others had sample furniture in it.  That might have affected our opinion of it.  The sales consultant gave us a couple more floor-plans to look at. She told us what makes their homes unique is the "energy efficiency", and had me feel how the double-pane glass keeps unwanted heat out, and showed us the special (?) foam insulation that they use. Overall, the two we liked the best was the very first house we looked at, and the second one-story house.  When we go looking again I would like to see a 1.5 story model of the latter.  

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