In the US for 3 months

Today is 2011.08.26 we've been in the US for almost 3 months. 5/31 ~6.13 road trip Then we stayed at my husband's family's home. 7/21: Signed the lease agreement with our landlord. Later we went to katy furniture and bought some furniture. We bought a sofa, a "coffee table" (sofa table), a queen size bed, and a dresser set. We had to special order the sofa. (We wanted a different color than they had in stock) 7/29(Friday)In the morning we left to move to Katy,TX 7/30 Midnight(Saturday)We arrived at our new home and unloaded our things from the trailer. It was hard work and we were covered in sweat when we finished. Later we took cold showers and slept on an air mattress. I didn't sleep very well, but Coy fell asleep and was snoring within minutes. hehe. We got after 7 and returned the trailer. Afterwards we went to Walmart. We ate at a McDonald's inside.(I prefer Taiwan McDonald's breakfast better)After we finished eating, we shopped in Walmart for everyday household items like towels, shower curtains, soap, shampoo... etc. We spent lots of money. We also went to best buy, and bought a refrigerator, washer, and dryer(we wanted a front loading washer)We found a nice refrigerator with an ice maker for only $630 but the bad thing was it was on back order and we have to wait 4 weeks. So we also bought a small fridge for the meantime(for around $200) On Sunday morning we went to church. We ate lunch at the church too. (They offer free lunch to first time visitors)After we finished eating we left and went straight home because my husband's parents were coming (It takes about 12 hours to drive)  They will be celebrating their 30th anniversary here. After we got home, we went out again to buy some things, small snacks, sodas, and milk. Then I took a nap for 1-2 hours. Then we made the bed in the guest room, and hung up the shower curtains. My husband's parents arrived around 9. We went outside to welcome them, then Coy showed them around our house. Everybody thought it looked nice By the way, the back yard is very big. The master bedroom is also very nice. We sat and chatted until midnight. Everybody was very tired and so we went to sleep. The next day, COYwoke up very early and made some coffee for his father. I woke up at 8. After noon our washer and dryer was delivered. Around 2PM the electric company cut off power to our house. Our power was supposed to turn on August 1st. [The same day] The four of sat in the living room and it got very hot. My mother-in-law called her older brother who lives about half an hour away, and asked him if he wanted us to bring him some food. We met him at a Mexican food restaurant. It was a high-class restaurant, and the food was very good. After lunch we went to Coy's uncle's house, we left a couple of hours later. My husband's parents went to a movie, and later to a hotel to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They came back to our home around 11 the next day, and they brought us very sweet donuts. Afterwards we talked, and my mother in law used her iPad, because we still didn't have cable tv, so it was a bit boring. A little after 2, the men went to SONIC because drinks were half price. Then around 5, we went to eat supper. Coy said there was a good place to eat nearby called "Souper Salad", but I don't like salad! But they wanted to eat there, so I said it was ok too. The salad was very bad, the hot food didn't taste good either, and neither did the bread. I refuse to go there again. After lunch we walked over to Joann's arts and crafts store. When we got there my mother-in-law said she wanted to teach me how to cross-stitch. We bought a beginner's cross-stitch kit. I kind of liked it. It's easy to spend a lot of time on it, but I couldn't learn how to do a French knot. I got it easily later by watching some videos. Later the men went to Blockbuster to rent DVDs. Us ladies stayed home doing cross-stich (my mother-in-law was very patient in teaching me). Afterwards I was actually very tired, but my mother-in-law, still had energy, so I kept doing cross-stitch. At midnight the men went to bed, Coy had to start work the next day. I kept learning how to do a French knot. After I kind of got it my mother-in-law also went to bed. The next morning, Coy went to work, and my parents-in-law prepared to return to New Mexico. Then I was all alone in the house, with only our three cats. 🙁 I really wasn't used to it the first day. My mother-in-law has sent me text messages every day since then to check on me. Now we are good friends who chat in text messages. I've also now completed my first cross-stitch art, and bought two more since then. One is a birthday card, and I finished it yesterday. The other is a pair of chickens, I'll start it next time I'm in the mood. We've lived here for over four weeks now. I've gone out walking by myself three times. It's really very hot in the daytime. Each time I go out for a walk I come back very sweaty. Each time I go out my first stop is at Sonic and I buy a cherry limeade. It's really good and at half price it's only one dollar. And then I walk to Kroger's supermarket by myself to buy food to cook. Yesterday, August 25th, we went to meet two women from Taiwan.(They are my aunt's classmate's friends. My Aunt's classmate didn't go, but she introduced me the Taiwan women who also live in Katy) It was really nice to meet them, although I didn't speak very much. Coy helped me talk to them. Haha. They spoke almost entirely in English, so I couldn't talk with them. Too bad. I also don't speak very much with strangers. But they were very enthusiastic and hoped they can help me. Taiwanese people are very passionate. They were all between 32-35 years old, and they were surprised to learn I'm only 28. They seldom return to Taiwan. They all came here for school and have been in the US for at least ten years. I was very surprised. They said they got used to living in the US after 3 to 5 years. Wow! I will be old then. It might take me even longer than five years. [translated by Coy]

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