I am in U.S over One month

I can't believe that I am in U.S over a month. Time flies fast... may 31st~13rd,june we had a great road trip from Seattle- Spokane-Bozeman -Yellowstone- Billings ->Miles city-> Sidney->South Dakota-Keystone (Bear country U.S /Rushmore Mt.) -Colorado Spring (Garden of the Gods/pike peak /Royal Gorge) -Albuquerque ,New Mexico- 14th,june Clovis ,New Mexico (U.S parent 's house) First evening at my parents-in-law's home. His sister made supper, and was still making a cake that said "welcome home Coy & Shao ling" on top. I almost cried she is so sweet. We both really liked Yellowstone very much. We would visit there again oneday These days we eat hamburgers and French fries every day. Sometimes I don't eat very much because French fries are so unhealthy. >< I've only made curry chicken once, also Korean KimChi soup. >< I miss Taiwan food ... boo hoo. I look forward to going to Houston, that way I can do the cooking and eat more vegetables. We've done many things since we arrived at my parents-in-law's home. 6/16: Bought a used Nissan XTerra 6/28  got social security number (like Taiwan ID card) 7/3  finally got car license plate Before August I should receive my green card, then I could do some more things I need, like get a Texas driver's license. I mailed 13 packages from Taiwan by sea, and only two more still need to arrive (They should arrive before August) The day after tomorrow we will drive to Houston to find a house to rent. Right now I'm living at my parents-in-law's home. It's boring here, but their land is very large and they have two horses. Too bad they don't have very much grass to eat. I think after my brother-in-law get's married he will build a house out there. 😛 I'll tell you all about Houston when we get there. Right now I don't really like the US that much, because New Mexico is really boring. At least my husband doesn't have to go to work here, otherwise I might have nothing to do. I really miss how convenient things were in Taiwan. Here you can't get anywhere without a car, it's so hot I could die. When I get in a car my head hurts ... boo-hoo. [partially translated by Coy]

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