Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Sunday ,we went to Miramar with my sis and my Mom we bought  jewelry for wedding rings i got him a rose gold he got me a diamond ring it 's pretty and still will take two weeks to get them 🙂 it's sweet of him to gave me whatever i want also he bought something for wedding and we went to "Mr. Onion" restaurant with my sis and Mom ordered New York Steak this time it was good we had a good evening together This monday was Chinese Valentine's day I Was so happy i gave him a ride to work ,and he asked me to drink a cafe with him I watched the time, still have some time to get one this cafe called "magic cafe" everyday ,Coy went there with his coworkers we had Latte with heart shape i enjoyed drinking coffe with him and after work ,i picked Coy up from office he gave me a surprised he hiding on the back when he opened the door ,i seeing beautiful roses i finally got flowers from him in person he had a hard time to get them though flower lady kept speak chinese but Coy couldn't understand at all so i was so touched to got them they smelled so good thanks honeybear he also said he would like to get one more gift to me just he couldn't get it online with his credit card he wanted me to order for him and he will give me money for it He said i love to take pictures so He would like to buy "gorillapod" it's octopus shape looks very neats he is really thoughtful very sweet guy I am very glad that he is my Valentine <3 Happy Valentine's Day


2 Responses to “Chinese Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Kerri says:

    I sent flight info to you and another question in hotel search…..

  2. Linda says:

    That is a sweet Valentine story!

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