Affidavit Regarding Marital Status

"Affidavit Regarding Marital Status" [PDF] is the the title of the document I signed and had notarized this morning at AIT before I went to work. Taiwan requires proof that couples are eligible for marriage. They keep records for all their own citizens so they can quickly look it up when they register at the Household Registration Bureau Office, but for foreigners they need proof from his/her country. The US doesn't keep any kind of centralized marriage registry so Taiwan will accept a sworn statement, notarized by the AIT, that the US citizen is single. The document then needs to be taken to the ministry of foreign affairs to be authenticated/legalized in Taiwan. It took about 20 minutes to get my notarized statement then another 20 minutes to submit it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization. With travel time included it took almost a hour and a half for everything. The notarization fee was $50 US (1650 TWD), the legalization fee was 400 NTD ($12.50 USD) It should be ready in a couple of days, and mailed to Shao-ling.

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  1. Shao-ling says:

    you made it well
    i hope everything’s ok on our europe VISA too
    good luck to me

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