two months

The countdown timer in the sidebar now says "2 months". How exciting! It's been over four years that Shao-ling and I have known each other. I can't believe I was just 23 when I first met Shao-ling. For some reason 23 sounds really young to me. Maybe it's just because it's a difference between "lower-twenties" and "upper-twenties". I don't think it would seem like as much a difference to me if it was 20-24. Out of these four years we've only spent about seven months together in person, but I we've talked to each other nearly every day for the past four years. So, in my mind, it means we know each other much better than most couple's who are getting married. I'm also excited about our honeymoon to Germany! I guess I should brush up on my basic German skills. I studied German on my own off and on for a couple of years while I was in college. I wanted to learn enough to clep out of taking a foreign language class. But I never really got past anything but elementary German, nowhere near enough to test out of. When I was forced to take a language class there were only a few languages available by the time I registered, and I ended up taking Russian instead of German. Maybe someday when we're old, gray and rich we can visit Russia. I've wanted to visit St. Petersburg since I learned about it. Actually I was very tempted to go on the gentoo white night's bicycle ride this year, but tickets are just way too expensive :(. Anyway, we should pray that Shao-ling has no visa problems like she did with the US. She's had such bad luck with it before. Shao-ling, 加油(jiayou)!

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  2. firewings says:

    Germany! Cool! Honeymoon where exactly?

    We’ve decided on Mexico City for our honeymoon. [Btw, I’m on the engaged bandwagon too. Must be in the water because I know a ton of people who are now.]

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