Time flies– Only 65 days left

Yesterday I had a day off, so I woke up at almost noon. For breakfast I just ate bread and a cup of cofee. I watched a TV drama with my mother in the living room. It's a silly Taiwan drama =.= After that I watched the travel channel. One part was about Holland. After TV I did some online shopping. We need a larger mattress and sheets because the mattress on Coy's bed right now will be too small for both of us. I also bought a water filter. I spent over 8,000 TWD! After shopping I called the tour agency to ask about visa information for our honeymoon. We decided we want to  go to Germany and Switzerland! It won't be as cheap as Bali, but it should be worth the 72,600 TWD/person. The tour agency gave us a discount of 800TWD/person Seven unique experiences:
  1. See the most beautiful castle in Germany -- Schloss Neuschwanstein. (We will have headphones on the tour). We will take a bus up the mountain and we will ride in a horse-drawn wagon back down.
  2. Ride first-class on the golden express train from Luxembourg to Interlaken, Switzerland. (2 hours). We will see beautiful scenery.
  3. Take the Rhine Cruise from St. Goar to  Boppard. We will see beautiful castles along the river.
  4. Take a 45 minute cable car ride to see Mt. Tiltis in Switzerland, and see breath-taking Alpine views.
  5. Ride a boat on Titisee lake and see more beautiful scenery.
  6. Ride a ferry across the wonderful Borden Lake (Europe's largest inland lake)
  7. Take a cable car to visit Hyde castle.
7/28 Coy will go to AIT (American Institute in Taiwan -- equivalent of an embassy) for his statement of being single (required by Taiwan) 7/31 Pick out wedding dresses and tuxedo Next week my friend will help me redesign the wedding card. We need to print the wedding invitations soon! We've started picking songs for our wedding. But we'll keep them a secret for now, hehe. (translated by Coy)

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