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The automatic comment translation provided by WPML doesn't work very well, so I've disabled that feature. It was cluttering up every article with extra translated comments, and it had the original/translated language backwards. I had to go through and manually cleanup the database to remove all the trash that WPML added. So sorry if you saw some of the weird intermediate steps last night. I still want to take the parts from qTranslate, WPML, and xLanguage that I like to make my own multilingual plugin. I like how WPML handles the string translations site-wide, but I don't like having duplicate posts and separated comments. I fixed some small bugs in a WPML comment merging plugin I found, so at least the comments look like they are on the same post. It had a problem that it would show every single comment for the entire blog site on some posts. It looks like xLanguage handles individual posts and pages closest to the way I actually want. But it lacks many of the features of qTranslate and WPML. My cousin Zane had a suggestion to use some AJAX translation plugin. Maybe I can integrate its features too. Now if only I had more time. Maybe I should go back to polyphasic sleeping again :P.

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  1. Coy says:

    Ok now comment merging should work in both the English view and the Chinese view.
    It was harder to fix the problem because I found a typo in the WPML plugin. I corrected it locally and put a post on their technical forum with a one word patch. Who knows if they devs will fix it or even see it though. Hopefully there aren’t any other problems merging comments now.

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