Church and spaghetti Wuhoo!

Shao-ling and I went to ren-ai (people-love) baptist church again this morning. The special event today was a couple who came all the way from America 😉 to sing and to preach. I can't understand hardly any Chinese, so I don't get a whole lot out of it yet. At least I can now recognize some important Christian words:
  • Jesus - (yesu, 耶穌)
  • You - a special character reserved for God (ni-祢)
  • Lord - (zhu, 主)
  • God - (shen, 神)
I've also started learning some of the books of the bible in Chinese. Like the English translations, many are just transliterations so it makes it easier, (as long as I can recognize one or two of the characters). A good example is Habukkuk, 哈巴谷 (ha ba gu), I can recognize 哈 from "Haha -- 哈哈", and ba 巴 looks like ba 吧, a frequently used particle in chinese. So when I see ha ba *** I can guess what book it probably is. Hopefully with church exposure here in Taiwan I can pick up many more biblical/christian words. This afternoon Shao-ling and her family came to my home. Shao-ling and I made spaghetti, and a chowder soup. It's the first time I've actually cooked in Taiwan. I've helped Shao-ling in her kitchen a couple of times, but I haven't been able to cook at my own apartment until recently. It was a simple meal, but at least it was something. It seems many of the recipes I know involve baking in an oven. Since from what I've seen, almost no home in Taiwan has a real oven, I guess I should learn some new recipes. My other standard ration used to be hamburger helper, I haven't found an equivalent of that here though hehe. Tonight after Shao-ling and her family left I started looking for more info on some taiwan wedding customs I find unusual and I came across a blog of a Texan girl who got married to a Taiwanese man. It seems they also have a couple/family blog They come up with the name by using their last  name, Wu. Their address is easier to remember than ours. I probably couldn't do anything nearly as cool with "Barnes". We found it interesting enough we'll probably add their site to our blogroll with a description something like "another texan taiwanese couple"

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3 Responses to “Church and spaghetti Wuhoo!”

  1. Shao-ling says:

    yeah..I enjoyed cook with you
    it was a great weekend with you though

  2. kcmerrill says:

    Church and spaghetti I bet make a great great combination, however, I’m pretty fond of Chinese food, so I go for Church and Chinese. It has a special ring to it as well 🙂

    Again, congrats you two! Keep posting pictures!

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