Need to hack up WPML plugin

I've been using WPML to translate the blog entries on this site. It's a pretty nice wordpress plugin. But it's missing some features (by design) that I would like to have. One problem is that it creates multiple posts, one for each language. I really just want a single post, with translations loaded from the database. Why? Well if you notice the comments only get displayed in the commenter's version of the language. It would be nice to only have one string of comments for a blog entry, even if the languages are mixed. Maybe it could even have an option to auto-translate using google or babelfish. Another problem is that WPML has a concept of a "default language" for the blog. That's all well and fine for a single-person blog, but here it's a bit of a mess. If Shao-ling posts an entry in Chinese it won't show up on the English version of the page when there is no translation, but if I post an entry only in English, it *will* show up on the Chinese version, because English is the current default language. So I've had to go back and duplicate Shao-ling's Chinese only entries so they show up in the English version. So if I can find some time I might rewrite parts of WPML, and maybe combine some of the concepts from another plugin called qTranslate to make it do what I want. To the majority of multi-lingual blogs, WPML or qTranslate probably work exactly the way they should, but it's not really what I want.

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