Busy weekend!

img_7372I was originally expecting I could relax this weekend, but my mother arranged for me to go to Shiseido (a japanese make-up store). Then my sister had tickets to a music concert but she had to cancel, and asked me to go in her place. On top of it all I forgot my cell phone at work on Friday! I actually have another pre-paid cell phone, but not too many people know that number. I called the ISP to setup Coy's connection on Sunday. img_7359Friday night, Coy and I ate sushi with my friends Ginger, Lola, and her boyfriend. After dinner, even after eating expensive Sushi, they were still hungry, so we went to Häagen-Dazs ice cream. It was Coy and I's first time to eat at that store, we only ate it from cups from a convenience store. We shared an Hawaiian macadamia nut ice cream shake, it was really tasty. Coy and I wanted to lose weight, but we had a lot of calories that night! When we finally got home we were very tired. So I took a shower and went straight to bed. Saturday I slept until 10:30 when Coy woke me up to sign for a package. For lunch we ate kimchi (korean spicy pickled cabbage) and noodles. After lunch I went to my 12:40 appointment at Shiseido near Nanjing E. Road station with my mother. When we finished at 4:30, I called Coy to come meet us. My mother and I waited at McDonald's until 5 for Coy to arrive. When we met, we all went window shopping at stopped at Cumar because they were having a dress sale. I tried on a small dress with flowers, but it didn't look good on me. I also tried on some more formal dresses, and bought one that I thought was pretty. It was only 1,500 NT$, so I thought it was a good bargain 😀 :D. The concert didn't start until 7:30 so we still had time to eat at a delicious noodle store, and shop some at a nitori near IKEA. We bought some things for the new apartment. At 7:20 I went with my friends to Taipei Arena for the Sammi concert, it was very good. She didn't sing very many Chinese songs though. Too bad. I finally got back home at 11:10, and was very tired. Sunday We had to hurry to get to church at 10AM because we left at 9:40. We hadn't been to church since Easter. We really need to start going to church so maybe we can have a preacher at our wedding. Church was over at 12:10 so we went to Zhongxiao xinsheng subway station to go back to my home. My mom cooked lunch for us. After lunch we got to relax for awhile. I had to call the ISP, to give them my pre-paid cell phone number (remember I forgot my phone at work). They told me they would arrive between 2 and 5. We did some more cleaning and then waited for the technician to arrive. When it was past 5 o'clock I decided to call the ISP, but I forgot their number, so I had to call my friends to lookup the number. When I called customer support they told me they called the old phone number but nobody answered, they said they would arrive before 9:30PM, but I told them that was too late. They then told me it would be around 7:30, so we decided to go out and eat for an hour while waiting. But when we went outside we saw a man on a motorcycle arriving with cables, and wondered if it was him already. It was, so we all had to go back inside while he installed the cable modem. 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  1. So, cable guys are the same all over the world? That is strangely comforting.

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    • shaoling says:

      有ㄟ 對呀
      對呀 搬家真的很熱 又熱 又下雨
      對阿 因為剛剛你的信息省核中

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