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I've wanted to work more on some of the l10n issues the past couple of days, but my apartment hasn't had a connection for two days in a row. It turns out I depend very heavily on the internet. Without my connection, I don't know what to do. I can't play several of my games, so I also can't work on my World of Warcraft addons. After trying in vain to login to the apartment router, I finally decided to play Masters of Orion 3. I don't really like the game that much and I still think 2 was better. But it gave me something to pass the time, besides watching TV. Of course I probably should have been trying to study Chinese instead. Tonight Shao-ling will come over and we'll start packing my apartment up so I can move my stuff tomorrow. I'm excited to move in to the new place. It's so much nicer than my current apartment. I will have a longer commute in the morning though. But even that might be better, because I'll have to leave earlier to get to work, so hopefully it won't be as hot. I'm always soaked with sweat by the time I get to the office because it's so hot and humid. EDIT: Shao-ling called the landlord and got the combination to the electric/utility closet, so I restarted the router and got the internet connection for my apartment and the other rooms on this floor.

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