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I've finally stopped procrastinating and I created Shao-ling and I's new website/blog about us. I was originally planning to hack up a website with my rusty php skills, but I was feeling extra lazy and decided to use wordpress instead. Despite how much fun I have coding things from the ground up, I know this will be more convenient for everybody to read, and for Shao-ling to post her blog entries. Besides I can still have fun modifying the styles and looks of the page, and I might actually have the time to maintain that part. I'm actually thinking about converting my personal blog site to wordpress as well now. I've been meaning to update the aging php on it for several years now. So that means it will probably never get done, and it still wouldn't be anywhere near as slick even if I could find the time. Like many a coder I frequently suffer from not-invented-here syndrome. I know it's silly to re-invent the wheel, but sometimes it can be fun anyway. I think I've been getting better about it lately though. Ok enough about code. Most people who might read this site would be bored reading that anyway (sorry about that). I plan to start filling out some pages about our wedding details, and things like "how we met" soon. I'll also set up Shao-ling's account and she'll be able to post entries soon too. Hopefully she can help me with some of the looks too. For now I've gone with a red background because it's a lucky color in Chinese culture. And you're bound to see a lot of it in a Taiwan or China wedding.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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  1. kcmerrill says:

    Coy & Shao-Lin,
    I love it! Do keep us posted….. and again, congrats you two!

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